Isha Rumi performances in July 2014

During the weekend of July 19th, Sunaad had two performances of the Isha Rumi production at the School of Ancient Wisdom and Peepal Grove school in Sadum.

Some reactions from the audience.

” Rumi’s stories and insights of life brought down tears rolling down on my cheeks (especially the harper’s story). Each one of us are caught in something or the other like the harper with his harp.
I pray for others and myself that let us all be freed from such entanglements to meet or merge with the sacred.The chants were so beautifully synched and sung that the sounds created vibrations and ripples in my body. The sounds of the musical instruments used for the Persian verses and the sound of the Pakhawaj transported me into the mystical realms of my mind.”

Here are some pictures from these performances.


IMG_6560 IMG_3784 IMG_3794 IMG_3817 IMG_6509