SKU Goes to Manjakkudi in Tamil Nadu

A workshop and performance of our Swar Katha Upanishad show was held at the Swami Dayananda Saraswati College of Arts and Sciences in Manjakkudi, close to Kumbakonam, on June 30th and July 1st ‘2012, & the students were very fascinated at the whole concept of the Upanishads and even that of Hindustani Classical Music. Being rural children, who are normally not exposed to much Indian culture, we were very proud and utterly delighted at the feedback they gave us:.


Question :
Is this programme satisfied your expectation?  How?                       (or)
A few conceptions about this programme after you have attended.
 1. Yes. It gave me a new experience. Sunaad’s music was new, pleasing which I liked.
I experienced a fearful and new sensation. The fear left me, its place taken by a new feeling that I should be bold, act in new direction; I was pleased wih this new feeling.

2. This event gave me new ideas. What I plan, I can do. There was a change of mind in me and the negative feeling left me.

3. I wanted to know about Atma; this event informed me about the Atma-principle. A superior mind assures liberation (mukti).
I thought mind is one. I learned that it is two: sudashva & dushtashva. I desired to attend the Sunaad event. It was very productive. It gave me new ideas; it was useful.

4. From this performance, I learnt something new. It was a different experience, none like any seen before.   “different experience and refresh my mind. Useful for my life.”

5. Through song, ideas and story I learnt what I did not know. I learned new ideas.

6. I wanted to hear Hindustani classical music. Through this, I wanted to understand my capacity. Earlier, I had a deep desire to know what I shall be after death. After the event, the confusion left me. It enabled me to know the truth..

7. I had never seen an event like this. This Sunday I witnessed a great performance. Thanks to all I want to learn more from you. I witnessed a memorable unforgettable performance. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

8. Yes, it was better than expectation. I liked greatly the dialogue between Yama and the Son. This event was very satisfying. I was happy and pleased. Glad that I witnessed in person. Different from what I expected. Yama could have held the (पाश) pasha-rope and Gadha. – P. Kalpana II B.Com

9. It was pleasingly different. Had new experience. I enjoyed better a play which I had seen on TV. Thanks for the performance.. It was quite different. Yama could have been adorned (conventionally).

10.An excellent story explained very well and clearly. Thanks. You all sang vey well. Narration was excellent. Thanks for explaining the meaning. I was eager to see and was pleased with the play. I learned that things can happen differently from expectation.

11. Greatly pleased; learned new. Mind was energized. I enjoyed the music and Taal.

12. Learned what happens after death, and new ideas about life. Request a similar performance again for our students. I took part yesterday; the expectation was fulfilled. The play followed the story told yesterday.

13. How we should control our senses – this was a new lesson. I shall lead a good life controlling accordingly. Thanks for coming here and teaching us. We can’t get everything we desire. The play was excellent. I thought it would be the usual song & dance play. I was glad that the music, dance and show was excellent, unlike what we see in a picture.

14. “This program is very useful for us because we don’t know the Kathopanishad. Now, we learned it.” Linking the two types of mind with the horses was great. May we develop good mind and reach the goal.

15. I witnessed more than expectation. Yama character, Nachiketas and singers – very well.. ”The program is vey well”. I learned many things that I did not know. – P Sathya, II BBA

16. Different from expectation; I liked the scenes; happened as I imagined.  P Maria Stella Margaret. Very satisfying; we should conduct ourselves in a correct way.

17. We liked the play and all the players. It was better than anticipated. –. I used to get angry. It was helpful to improve the mind.. V. Dhivya  II Maths

18. I liked the “Song and dramatic portion”. I liked the “dance and your speech”. “I feel so good:. Very interest for this song and feel so happy; feel best”.

19. We all liked this entire performance. It was much better than what we thought. Used to get angry before; changed it after the play. – M Udaya Suriya III B.Com.

20. We all liked the whole performance. It was much better than what we thought. We improved our knowledge after the performance. -G Shanmugapriya  III B.Com

21. I thought it would be ordinary, just songs. It was very good. I wish to learn more. I was wondering how this would be and then knew it. I learned about the meaning of Atma.

22.I wanted to learn about this story. I learned much more than what I expected. Many changes occurred in my mind. We should learn many more subjects like this. This was very useful  and I learned about new, good subjects.

23. “I am Pakiya”. I am grateful for this opportunity. Thanks to all students. Thanking you. This was very useful for me. – Pakiya Lakshmi II B,Com   (Bhagya)

24. “Hai, I am Sindhu”. It was much more than my expectation, more different. I want to learn music from you; I desire to hear more music like this. I have not heard like this before; it was different. I request that my college should hold many more  programs like this. I shall utilize all opportunities for advancing in my life. This will be a model for the future. Thanks to all. .— S. Sindhubairavi – II Maths

25. Sunaad’s music ensemble transported me to a new world. Whatever I expect shall happen. This event gave me a new experience. I recalled the right and wrong actions of mine in the past and got clarified,. I shall act only rightly and lead a good life.

26. Participating in this event, I was scared by the illness of fear; I could bring out my skill, strengths. I wanted to hear this story since a long time and was fulfilled. Thanks.  —  N Janaki Rani – II B.Com

27. I wanted ‘Song, dramatic portion’. I liked this story and the way of telling. “I feel good and feel very happy. I did not have any idea to live correctly. Now I know how to lead life in good way”

Many thanks to Ms. Sheela Balaji for giving Sunaad this great opportunity to perform in Manjakkudi and letting us achieve our goal of spreading the message of Hindustani Classical Music and Indian culture throughout the whole country, and next the world..