Raga Sarita

Raga Sarita is based on a Raga Samay Chakra Malika, which is a bandhish comprising 22 Ragas. Composed by Smt. Kumudini Katdare, disciple of Mogubai Khurdikar and Kamal Tambe, this bandhish represents Ragas as they are arranged in sequence according to the time of day. This placement subscribes to the theory in Hindustani classical music that each Raga is most appropriately sung at a specific time in the 24 hours of a day. Each line of the composition is set to a cycle of 16 beats, contains lyrics that describe a Raga and represents the typical movement of that Raga.

Leading with the names of 22 Ragas, one in each line of the composition, we will present a Khayal, Tarana, Dhrupad, Varnam or Keertanam in each Raga, followed by a film song in Hindi, Tamil or Kannada that you must have heard somewhere, some time, but not quite realised that it was set in Raga Hamir or Shuddha Sarang!

Here’s an excerpt of the Raga Malika from a live performance – Raag Sarita Excerpt