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Sunaad Audio CDs

Sunaad sells a variety of Audio CDs. If you wish to buy one of these:

Please email us at  sunaad.bangaloreAt Gmail dot Com. or purchase them online. Please leave us a comment below.

No.       Name                                 Price                    Purchase Online

1.         Swar Katha Upanishad       Rs. 350               FlipkartCD BabyAmazon

2.         Raag Katha                         Rs. 150               Flipkart

3.         Pratha                                 Rs. 150                Flipkart

4.         Bhava Yatra                        Rs. 150                Flipkart

  • Admin

    If you wish to buy any of our CDs, please give the following details:
    Your name and email address, which CDs you want and the quantity. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
    Else, you can send us an e-mail at ‘’

    We are always happy to know how we can improve our shows. If you wish to send us feedback on any of our past performances or CDs, please leave your comments on the ‘Comments’ page, or e-mail us.

  • Rajesh


    I am a big fan of your group. I had attended your performance on Katha Upanishad in Chennai at Besent Beach. Since then there is no day when I dont listen to the immortal message of the Katha Upanishad in beautifully composed Dhrupad styte. My sincere thank to the team for presenting such profound ideas in melodious and execusite music.
    It would be great if you come up with some more shows explaning other Upanishad as well. The immortal message of the Vedanta, the Sruti, needs be propagated to a larger audiance in order to have enlighten citizens and a prosperous country.


    • Admin

      Thank you very much, Rajesh, we are touched that you loved our show; this is what Sunaad is about – spreading the message of Indian classical music and culture. We at Sunaad are currently working on a new project based on another Upanishad, which will be released sometime next year – unfortunately we can’t give you more details about it at this time. We shall send you an e-mail, notifying you about the release of that production.

  • Sheemita

    Hi, I’m visiting Bangalore…..wanted to know if your CD s are available in any stores….or we an only purchase them online.
    Thank you.

  • Sheemita

    I’m visiting Bangalore this weekend, is there any store where one can buy your CD s ..Or is it just online that one can purchase them ?
    Thank you,

    • Admin

      Hello Sheemita,
      It is unfortunate that Sunaad’s CDs are not available at stores yet. But, you could pick them up from 2 places in Bangalore:
      1. Dr. Nandini Mundkur’s Clinic, which is in Malleswaram, 15th cross in the Chitrapur Apts.
      2. Right Lines Art Gallery in Indira Nagar.
      If these are still difficult, you could even send us the order to the email <>, along with your address, and we will courier it to you. You can pay Sunaad by bank transfer. When you place the order, we will send you the bank details for a bank transfer.
      -Thank you