Raag Katha

Raag Katha tells the story of the founding concept of Indian classical music – the Raag. This story traces the journey of the Raag from its origins in Vedic chanting to its contemporary manifestations in Bollywood film songs. Weaving together song with story-telling, Raag Katha present glimpses and insights into the origin and evolution of India’s many musical styles.

The Raag has flowed into a myriad tributaries; it has multiplied into a many-splendoured thing and resonated today not only in Dhrupad, Dhamaar, Khayal and Thumri but also in Dadra, Kajri, Tappa, Ghazal, Bhajan, Pop, fusion music and Bollywood film songs. However, the core and the essential spirit of the Raag is unchanged. This unbroken line, this Sutra, this thread of continuity that traverses two thousand five hundred years, in this lies the story of our Raag. This is our Raag Katha.